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Data protection for financial advisers and paraplanners

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GDPR for financial advisers and paraplanners

Key concepts covered include:

  • What is personal data?
  • Basic requirements & principles of GDPR
  • Simple measures you can take to protect information
  • Staying compliant with GDPR
  • Managing problems and information requests
  • Keeping alert to hackers and phishing attacks
  • Common questions financial advisory professionals have about GDPR (& answers!)

At the end of this course you’ll be familiar with your responsibilities and you’ll have a good understanding of where you need to put the best security in place. You can complete it at any point over the year following your purchase.

Course instructions

You can start the course by following the navigation system below. You can view the whole course (expand all) or each lesson to see what’s included.

There is a very quick tester quiz in the introduction just to make sure you understand how the tests will work. We only have a few questions at the end of each lesson but you will need to score over 80% in order to move onto the next course, this is to make sure you really have understood the key concepts.

You can log out and log back in any time and just carry on your training where you left off. If you have any other queries please see our help and FAQs page or send a message to us using the help contact form.